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Considered a leading folklorist in New Mexico, Nasario has published 10 books in Spanish (the language of his countrymen and women) and English related to folklore and oral history. For the past thirty-plus years he has worked tirelessly to preserve the rich Hispanic culture and language of northern New Mexico. "Though he is a professional folklorist, and most of his books are compilations of oral lore, his work might nonetheless be compared to that of Faulkner or [Gabriel] García-Márquez, so completely is this lost world present on the page. Garcia has in fact written a collection of prose stories that are based on this culture, 'The Naked Rainbow and Other Stories.'" By bukhtan, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Besides his bilingual works on folklore and prose stories—the latter for adults as well as children—that depict a disappearing way of life in rural life New Mexico, García’s books of poetry also capture the spirit of his childhood in his village of Ojo del Padre. As he says in Bolitas de oro: Poems of My Marble-Playing Days, "Since reliving one’s past is not an option, offering a poetic vision of my upbringing in rural New Mexico was the next best thing." Many of García’s colorful poems are perfect for children and young readers; they are written in simple and straightforward language that describe people, the landscape, and animals.