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While not a professional storyteller per se, Nasario is quite adept at sharing stories of yesteryear based on his own personal experiences in rural New Mexico. Whether imparting stories about customs and traditions or La Llorona, the bogeyman, ghostly apparitions or witches, including a handsome man with cloven hooves (the devil), Nasario’s audiences come alive. He can weave tales with finesse and pizzazz that are exciting and suitable for adults and kids old enough to appreciate a good story.

Showing kids a puppet witch that came from Spain, a shiny red apple that appears mysteriously at his ranch home where there were no fruit trees, or the horse whip that turns into a snake, are few of the show-and-tell items Nasario uses in story-telling. He can be contacted for speaking engagements by contacting him via the "Contact Nasario" menu button, or here.